Translation plugin

I’ve enabled and configured the Translator plugin on this Forum, so now content can be automatically translated on demand.

There’s some documentation on how this works here:

For complete multilingual support, we would need to enable this as well:

Think of this as a beta-test of some APIs (currently using Google’s) that we would like to also enable on our main website later.

In other news…


LibreTranslate has now been activated on this forum. Here is a quick guide for you:

How to use the translator

If you want to change the language of the Forum, configure your profile, selecting the language you prefer in the “Interface” settings:

Here you can also enable Dark Mode and tweak some other :dark_sunglasses: settings.

Once you are happy with the settings, now you can go to any post on the site …

Click on the :globe_with_meridians: globe icon and wait a few seconds …

The translation will appear below.