The hitchhiker’s guide to Swiss Open Government Data

Hello everyone

I‘ve written an article on the state of Open Governement Data in Switzerland (in German):

At the end, I offer my personal view of the current situatuation. I‘m interested in your feedback, opinions and corrections :blush:

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Thanks a lot for sharing your work here Jonas. You did a really good job on this article, and it’s worth a look even if just to look at your visualisations of the „state of the nation“ in Swiss OGD. Thanks for the interviews and quotes - looking forward to the next epic!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

A couple of years since you posted this, we are as keen as ever to track the development of OGD portals. The latest update from 2018:

Earlier this fall a somewhat related project was announced via Open Knowledge:

You can find here:

It is a good time to fire up your crawler again, Jonas - or anyone else interested in joining the effort! :flying_saucer: