[21-22.02] SWI Multilingual Media

People from Swiss media are organizing a hackathon on empowering linguistic diversity in newsrooms on Feb. 21–22, 2020 to mark the International Mother Language Day, a yearly celebration by UNESCO of linguistic diversity. I look forward to joining into the hack. Details can be found after the break.


If you are wondering why this matters, be inspired by Watch Your Language: How English is Skewing the Global News Narrative:

As a journalist, it’s my job to be sure that, no matter where I’m living or working, I try to cover issues as broadly and deeply as I can. But it also means that my built-in language bias can be part of the problem, further skewing the global narrative, from basic news reports to media education.

And if you’re wondering where linguistic diversity and open data overlaps, look no further than our last year’s event…