[15-16.9] OpenGLAM.ch Hackathon

Registration for the third Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon is open. This year’s event takes place on 15-16 September 2017 at the University of Lausanne, with support from some of the leading cultural institutions in the country. Here are a couple of reasons I’m especially excited about the event next month:

  • There are going to be amazing people there, very likely doing some unique, creative, out-of-all-boxes projects
  • GLAM is an area of the openness movement enjoying wide support, acclaim and all-you-can-eat data
  • We are running a Data Literacy workshop on Friday afternoon (check the programme for all the activities planned)
  • It will be at my old school (I roamed those halls for a while shortly after the turn of the century), a beautiful campus
  • 3rd time’s a winner! :woman_juggling:

Hope to see you there!

University of Lausanne, “Genopode” building. Photo by Rama, CC BY-SA 3.0 France, via Wikimedia Commons

The event was really well organised thanks to the superb efforts of the OpenGLAM.ch committee, partners, sponsors and volunteers. I had a lot of fun contributing a dataset, talk and project! Visit event:2017-09 [make.opendata.ch wiki] for all the results, and #GLAMhack on Twitter for plenty of commentary.

Plus, thanks to Jan Baumann, all videos of the Hackathon project presentations are now online to relive the experience!

#Workshop at the #GLAMhack2017 on how to ensure the #sustainability of the various projects that are being done at the Hackathon. pic.twitter.com/5eLIClfPtB

— ETH-Bibliothek (@ETHBibliothek) September 16, 2017