Workshop proposals

I drafted some ideas, they came together like some kind of summercamp workshops.
maybe they are a starting point for something, maybe not, but I’d rather put them here than keep them on my pc.


Age 12-16
5 Days


Webwerkstatt is a werkstatt rather than a lecture/course.
This means you will effectively be building your own website from scratch.
You will be designing webpages, writing code, creating photo and/or video content, and finally getting your website online.
We Help you with each step.

What you need to bring

You will need a laptop with administrator access to work on. This can be a windows, mac or linux computer.
You don’t need any software. The tools you need are all free and/or open-source. We will help you with the installation.

Also you will need an idea of a website you want to make before we start.
Your own blog, a fanpage, a website for your favorite association or sports club, all of this is possible.
If you need help we can give you some ideas.

Day 1




Introduction to HTML CSS Bootstrap

Day 2


Frontend, Design, Bootstrap


Backend, for example django analogue to django girls, or ruby on rail analogue to railsgirls

Day 3


Backend continued


Content: Making pictures, movies, texts

Day 4

Content 2: using data images and texts from the internet, GIMP photoediting …
Continue working on website in general

Day 5




Presentation, launchparty, apero…

Programming Zoo

Age 7-12
5 Afternoons


Welcome at the programming Zoo.
We will be programming animal games with scratch, driving around with robots.
Visiting the Zoo, making pictures and editing them, and put everything we made on our own website.

What you need to bring

You will need your own laptop

Day 1 & 2

Programming with scratch. (I drafted some quick examples here )
Drawing game figures
A large Zoo-map and instruction cards (e.g.: ‘Go to the bears’) For driving with robots

Day 3

Visit the Zoo, make pictures and movies, ask questions, get information …

Day 4 & 5

Continue programming with scratch, editing pictures, working with info from zoo visit and put it on a website(wysiwyg)

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@sara these are very nice proposals, clear and easy to read. Webwerkstatt reminds me of Mozilla’s Webmaker and related programs. I’m speaking with the local community right now about events later this year, and can ask them to give us some inputs. The second is just brilliant - my kids love the zoo, and I am just very excited to try your ideas.

In terms of format, it shouldn’t take a huge amount of work to organise the actual workshop if we do a little bit of streamlining. What I would suggest is setting up a dedicated thread for each, putting the event description at the top and editing it as the idea takes shape. Inviting people who want to participate to at least click the “Like” button, then setting a date, and finally announcing it to the world.

Perhaps what we could use is some kind of a guide… speaking of which, check out the just released Jugend-Hackathons für alle - Handbuch from our friends in Germany.