Where to find Swiss open data

We created this guide during a coding event for young people in Bern on July 27, 2015, and will keep it here as a waypost for both kids and adults who are interested in getting free and easy access to Swiss open data.

Here are some starting points to find data online from or about Switzerland - please leave a note here in the forum or contact us if you’d like help with any open data:

The make.opendata.ch wiki is a community run resource with lots of links to data on topics that have been the subject of hackathons, e.g. health, transport, finances, sport, science, culture, energy, and so on.

opendata.admin.ch is the Swiss Open Government Data Pilot Portal. It has over 1’000 datasets from official sources that you can download and explore. The project is at the centre of important legal and technical development.

The Swiss Federal Geoportal features live web maps with hundreds of geographic overlays, and an API which you can use to plug the data into your applications. Check out their Storymaps for some examples. They like to work with students and teachers too!

The Swiss Statistics office maintains a long list of topics, under which data can be found covering many aspects of life and times in Switzerland. Many of the datasets are in the federal pilot open data portal as well, but this website has special tools to navigate and aggregate data, such as STAT-TAB, an „interactive database“.

Zürich promenade Geneva jet d'eau

Several Swiss municipalities and regional administrations have also started publishing data more specific to their regions, such as the City of Zürich and Canton of Geneva. In some cases, data from the regions is already being integrated on the national portal.