#VesusVirus How to find ventilator inventory and demand data?

Hello, we are a group on #vesusvirus hackathon working on the project „Supply Aid Ventilators“. As part of the project, we would like to present geographical allocation of ventilator inventory (per country for example) and potentially demand forecast. Could anyone give hint on how to find these data?

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I’ve seen a few articles in the press mentioning estimates, such as this Fox News article that links to a U.S. report. There are some research papers you could peruse, e.g. Estimates of the Demand for Mechanical Ventilation in the United States During an Influenza Pandemic. With bags of cash, you could see if the data in market reports has much value. I have no idea where these numbers come from, but I guess it’s something like what you’re looking for:

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Check out the project submission - well done @epflyingzhang & team!

As they write, they had to „collect manually rough data for 15 countries from different media articles for illustration purpose. Seems challenging to find reliable data source for regular update.“ To be continued.