The walled gardens of data

A student of mine asked me whether Frictionless Data was supported in - and last time I checked, it was. This blog post recounts the reasons why this support was added, and shows how it exactly worked:

But now I can no longer find the ability to download the Data Dictionary as a datapackage.json. Judging by issues like this, it might even look like they’re turning away from open ecosystems like CRAN:

Most likely there is just too much business urgency and focus on their own app store of ‚Integrations‘, which notably features pulling data out of - but afaik not back into - CKAN:

That said I think it’s a really nice tool, which does a lot of things right on the UX side. Could we not have the best of both worlds - is it worth to try to work around stubborn commercial models which wall themselves out of open data, rather than compete against them, I wonder?

Share your stories of walled gardens out there, or tell me how I’m wrong and seeing walls where none exist :slight_smile: