‘The eID law is a role model for regulation'

André is of the founding members of Opendata.ch best known for his support of the MyData movement. The timely interview above raises a number of points that would be interesting to discuss. Several counter-arguments are presented by an outspoken Green Party leader:

Journalist Adrienne Fichter has another perspective on how state-mandated identity works today and what the new law can, or cannot, change (excerpt translated from original in german):

Regardless of which solution the citizen chooses, no matter how data protection-friendly it may be, she will not be able to hide from “third party” providers. Specifically: she will not be able to hide her surfing behaviour from the alpha dog, the Swiss Sign Group. Their product is already integrated into the online portals of soon to be nine cantons and numerous large companies such as SBB, Post and Mobiliar. This provides Swiss Sign with a database of several million users. So regardless of whether the canton of Schaffhausen succeeds in certifying itself as a state E-ID: Swiss Sign will learn a great deal about the internet activities of Swiss citizens.

The question of how your online ID intersects with access-to and rights-over data was brought up by participants of the Opendata.ch/2019 and Opendata.ch/2020 forums. Related discussions elsewhere in our network:

Catch up to several of the personalities and topics above at the upcoming Winterkongress of Digiges, in particular at the E-ID-Abstimmung talk on February 27.