Testing visualize.admin.ch

Adrian Gschwend tweeted last month: “Holy :cow2:, just learned that I can embed web sites in Powerpoint via “Web Viewer” (Insert → Add-In → Get Add-Ins → Web Viewer). So here I present a HTML visualization with data from a SPARQL endpoint embedded in Powerpoint :exploding_head:

The chart he embeds is made with a new tool still in beta, from the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN. It is a lot like the CKAN preview tool which you can find (if you know where to look…) on Opendata.swiss, but specifically adapted to Linked Data sources (provided by the LINDAS Linked Data Service, to be even more specific) and quite flexible. Kudos points for the cow emoji, Adrian :wink:

Check it out at https://visualize.admin.ch/

Here’s a quick test embedding:

Cool thing is that this will reflect the latest data on the SPARQL endpoint so no need to manually update if data changed. @linkedktk 4:50 PM · Jul 21, 2020

Indeed, that is a very cool thing.