Swiss revenues / Income per municipality

An older blog post from datenblog @ tagesanzeiger used data from but their links to the data result in a “404 Not found”. I only found similar data for a few cantons, but not a swiss-wide overview. Can anyone help me to find these datasets?

Thanks for posting your question @fretscha

I can see that the links lead to a 404, but the CSV data is attached directly to the article. I’m attaching copies here in case your browser doesn’t allow you to download embedded streams.

  • Gini-Koeffizient für ausgewählte Gemeinden: data-OC1nr.csv
  • Anzahl Haushalte, die mehr als eine Million Einkommen versteuern: data-8aX8s.csv

Besides that, I would go through a search of the ESTV site (click Dokumente) to see if more recent data was published there or where the pages went.

Unfortunately, ESTV, the Federal Tax Administration is not yet on, but clearly this could be a good opening line for a conversation about publishing some of their public data.

Hello @fretscha and @oleg!

Thanks for sharing! I have the impression that the Tagesanzeiger posted an update, or a more elaborate analysis of the same data (or later year) more recently… (2016?)
You could switch from mean to average and so on… But I can’t find it anymore. If you do, please let me know!

I thought it was really mind-blowing.


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