starfrosch #hot111 ~HACKnight

Free music for your projects, gifted by generous artists. Every Monday our robot fetches the last month legal and downloadable Royalty Free Creative Commons MP3 tracks from SoundCloud, Jamendo, Free Music Archive and That’s more than 50’000 tracks every time. He runs them through the Spam filter, sorts them by Hotrank® and spits out the #hot111.

We've been listening to starfrosch and demoscene compilations for most of the hacknight.

{ hacknight challenges }

Explore the playlists and channels of, find a great piece of royalty-free music, and learn about the license conditions of their reuse.

Try to install the project locally, and document the steps involved or any roadblocks you experience in the readme. The database table definitions are missing to install, so you will need to get help of the developers at DINAcon.

Do some performance testing of the frontend or pen testing of the backend to help make the starfrosch platform more sustainable.


The liquidsoap scripts to run starfrosch radio

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