Schienennetz (ID 98.1) Download

Hi, i’d like to download the Schienennetz (ID 98.1) Datase.
I found this API
but I can’t seem to get all stations at once?
A default GET requests gives me some other information.

My goal is to get a csv with all the connections from one station to the other.

Thanks in advance and have a nice Weekend

Please make sure to have a look at the official ID 98.1 site (, click „Download der Daten“, then open the Readme file. There you should find links for bulk data download. It will (iirc) be in GDB rather than in CSV format, but it should be possible to convert it.

The REST service is queryable and paginated, useful for streaming to a map visualization, but possibly not for your use case … would be great to hear what that is, by the way. Thanks for asking!