Research and survey on hackathons

I’m Dr Bruno Asdourian, senior lecturer at the Communication and Media research Department of Fribourg University (Switzerland).

We already had collaborated for my last research paper on Hackathon and open data. Thanks again ! You can download the final paper, with your citation, here:

Now, I continue this research on hackathon in the field of organization-public relationships.

I want to evaluate the appreciation of organization’s relationships and reputation whether you people are “mere” citizens or benevolent hackers.

I also analyze the Twitter content exchanged between an organization (here Swisscom or hackathon organizer) and hackers. For instance for #IoThack2015 or START_Hack2017.

I have based my future paper (already accepted for the European Association of Public relation EUPRERA next congress based on “Power of creativity” in London - ) on this topic.

Here is the e-survey for Swisscom :

I also have an other survey for SRG SSR, following the Hackadays 2017 and I could in the future study other Swiss organization involved into hackathon and open data.

I will be VERY happy if you could involve colleagues to fill the survey in order to test my hypothesis.

Many thanks in advance !