Real-time video effects ~HACKnight

Below this challenge description you'll find the description of the "Bad Apple" classic demo made to run on a regular Apple ][+ with a floppy drive. Yes, a floppy drive! There is a long history of hacking the limits of computer hardware for fun and aesthetic effect, which is incorporated by the global subculture of the demoscene. Here in Bern we are keeping this proud tradition alive through the Demonights, a regular meet-up in the Effinger co-working space underground digital lab. As part of this we ran Real-time content workshops last year to introduce people to making their own digital art. This opens the question of what role open source is playing in keeping electronic art accessible to the next generation.

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Bring the demoscene to the HACKnight by putting on some scene productions on your laptop or the beamer, tuning in to the music and art of the electronic underground. There are some introductions here and lots more to be found all around the 'net.

Make some noise with a software synth, create some procedural art in code, tie it all together with a demotool. The HACKnight is a good excuse as any to doodle with generative tools. Check out our workshop post for some waypoints.

With a focus on the open source community, suggest what frameworks and tools we should support and promote in upcoming events. github/demoscene is a good starting point for this. Even better, share the code to your own production, even if it's a "party prod" (i.e. made on location). For inspiration, check out BIOCADE - a game prototype complete with sounds and graphics made at last year's HACKnight. Help us to keep electronic culture alive with help from the digital sustainability community.

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