Privacy Butler ~HACKnight

Many people are unable to cope with the various privacy notices that we have to deal with on a daily basis. It is important to manage your data and online identity and know how these informations are processed and used,

Simply tell Privacy Butler which data processing is a “no go” for you. It converts the privacy notice into icons that show you immediately whether your desired data protection standard is met or not.

We are also interested to get an overview of privacy preferences. If you like, you can fill out the form. If you are interested in the results yourself, you can leave your spam-mail adress in the last question, we will send you the link with the summary results. (The Form is in german language.)

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Help us shape the use case and bring your privacy preferences in.

Discuss with us your privacy preferences and how you can help us advance with the project.

Take a look at our Github and see where you can advance the project.

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