Presenting Traincation: Find the best way to spend your train holidays in Switzerland

Hello everyone,

Maybe the first day of mandatory masks is not the best day to talk about taking the train, but anyway: here it goes :slight_smile:

I did a little thing for myself, and thought it would be nice to publish it, so I did!

Here comes Traincation! Since you’ll spend your 2020 summer holidays in Switzerland, why not using the train? Traincation helps you compute the best journey you can between the spots you want to visit.

Here is a small website and the Github org:

I am using as the data source. The server is hosted on a free Heroku instance.

Is there any way to put in the showcase?


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Hi @Jonas & thanks for sharing your open data project! I’ve checked it out, starred it, added it to the Show & Share category of this forum, and let the folks in the Transport Working Group know that they should update their showcase.

In the meantime, keep spreading the word - I suggest using the #opendatach hashtag and sharing your project in other showcases like, and

Traincation - I would love to do that through Switzerland once. The views must be wonderful!

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Thanks Oleg!
I shared it more :slight_smile:

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