Powercoders Lausanne needs you!

Powercoders is the project I helped with in their Bern pilot:

They have had a successful second batch in Zürich, and are now heading west - la Suisse romande awaits. The next program will take place in Lausanne, starting on the 23rd of April. They are looking for

  • Refugees: with B or F status, fluent in English, and with talent for IT.
  • IT companies: in Lausanne, Geneva and the surrounding area who are able to provide internships (6 to 12 months) starting in August.
  • Developers / IT professionals: who like to join us for half days to support our students as coaches.
  • Mentors: who are open to support one of our students in a 1to1 mentoring program to enable their way into the Swiss IT industry.

Please help spread the word and visit www.powercoders.org for more information and the application.

On Friday 13.7., I had the honour of supporting the Lausanne class with a morning presentation, which focused on the questions of physical vs. digital presence, the nature of code and data, introduced the School of Data and the quest for meaning in the work of a coder.

Some of the topics we dived into included:

Thank you for your diligence and attention, Powercoders!