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Benvenuto, grazie per il tuo interesse per i dati aperti! Purtroppo, al momento non abbiamo le risorse per fornire contenuti in lingua italiana sul nostro sito web. Se desideri dare il tuo contributo, ti consigliamo di diventare membri dell’associazione e di aderire al nostro progetto di piattaforma web. Buona giornata!

Inspired by the recently launched :it: the domain name currently redirects to this forum thread. The text above is basically an apology for not having any Italian-language content, and an invitation to fix this :slight_smile:

Thank you very much to Luigi Selmi and Giuseppe Peronato for kicking off the year with a discussion about open data in italian-speaking regions and countries.

With over 8’000 municipalities in Italy, there is a lot of potential for tech projects like CKAN (e.g. Sicilia) or spatial data packages to gain traction/funding. We talked in particular of Ticino-Lombardia as being a great geographic region to do some „borderless open data“ in, ideally (for us) with an urbanism angle and climate change relevant data.

Some links shared in our discussion:

We thought that an easy starting point would be to have a monthly open data call in Italian, and plan an activity for Open Data Day in March, Climathon in November, and something in-between.

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