Paper: Whose Text Is It Anyway? Choksi Goedicke 2023

In a paper published last spring, Madiha Zahrah Choksi and David Goedicke write:

Copyright law has extended to encompass written code and software programs and applications. However, the rise of intelligent AI-based writing tools trained on vast amounts of open-source licensed code creates a modern dilemma for copyright. Our paper attempts to define this dilemma as one copyright experts have previously dealt with (CONTU). By starting with the broader history of software copyright and open-source licensing, we offer a framework for copyright analysis that addresses both the material used for training models and the material generated by the algorithm.

This was cited by Linda Novobilská in a Master’s Thesis “Free and Open Source Software Licensing Requirements and Copyright Infringement Involving Artificial Intelligence Technologies” a few months later.

Do you have other good links or references exploring the question of open data licenses and practices in the context of A.I.? Sharing is caring :slight_smile: