OSS an Schulen Weiterbildungstagung 2016

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016 14:00 to 17:30 will be this year’s Open Source for Schools further education conference in Solothurn at PH FHNW as part of the “Lernstick community meeting”. We have a workshop scheduled about open education resources for data literacy:

At the OSS an Schulen in 2015 we announced a project (slides: English / German) to establish a School of Data chapter in Switzerland together with Opendata.ch. Over the course of the past year we tackled this idea head on: collected open learning resources, explored topics for data dives, took part in relevant conferences, and ran a dozen workshops in academic institutions and public meetups around the country.

In this workshop we will show you what we mean exactly by “data literacy” - putting you in the shoes of a data wrangler like the ones that take part in Swiss open data hackathons. Find out how to get open educational resources for your classes through the School of Data and Peer To Peer University, try out some of the software we use for our data expeditions, and join our self-support network of educators.

Get on board with School of Data CH as we ring in 1014 bells of learning!

The program for next week’s event has been confirmed. Infos from the organisers:

Wir haben nun das finale Programm für unser erstes Lernstick-Community-Treffen zusammengestellt, siehe: http://www.imedias.ch/projekte/lernstick/lernstick_community_treffen.cfm
Die Anreise mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln wird empfohlen. Die nächste Haltestelle ist “Solothurn, Sternen”.
Bitte bringen Sie möglichst ein eigenes Notebook mit, das wir in den Workshops mit dem Lernstick verwenden werden. Als Ergänzung stehen hochschuleigene Laptops zur Verfügung.