Open Source Construction

Maximilian Vomhof from VYZN presenting the new project a workshop about opportunities of an Open Data Environment for Material Data in Construction.

The construction industry is characterised by numerous small and medium-sized companies that operate locally, follow existing standards and have little to no budget for research and development … the situation is an exciting starting point for developing user-oriented tools across companies with the open source mindset.

These tools can give all companies in the construction and real estate industry a long overdue boost to comprehensive digitalisation and increased productivity. On the one hand, in order to survive successfully in an increasingly globalised market, but also to meet the ever-increasing requirements of legislation in the future, not least in the area of climate protection.

This is a topic that I’ve been following closely for the past few years, linked to startups and scandals - there is certainly a lot of potential in this project! Previously on this forum:

Developed by the same team, a crowdsourcing initiative with Countdown2030 to track the disassembly of buildings, and the environmentally-damaging materials this involves:

As I mentioned in the discussion, our association is well positioned to connect initiatives like these around #UrbanOpenData or so - with a focus on the cause and effect of urbanization, it could provide an important counterweight to the more (sustainable-)growth-oriented existing smart city fora.