Open Food Hackdays 2018

The 2nd edition of the Open Food Hackdays, which we helped with last spring, will take place on 27/28.01.2018 (Saturday & Sunday) at EPFL in Lausanne (Register here) and 16/17.02.2018 (Friday & Saturday) at alte Markthalle in Basel (Register here).

An introduction will take place at a pre-event for the Hackdays on January 9 in Basel. Learn more about refreshing and preparing Food Data Packages - everyone who wants to, can get involved and contribute on our virtual Data Expedition.

Speaking of workshops, this year the Open Food Hackdays will be part of the Applied Machine Learning Days, and I really recommend everyone to take a look and take part in the Hackdays as well as the full program.

Let’s get ready to taste the data! :green_apple::banana::watermelon::strawberry::cherries::tomato::bread::cheese_wedge::stew: