Open Energy Data Hackdays April 8-9, 2016

The Open Energy Data Hackdays are coming up around the corner, and we look forward to your participation and ideas! Here’s how you too can make a difference in the future of energy data:

  • Register on Eventbrite for one of the locations (Innertkirchen & Mont-Croisin).

  • Please motivate people to attend and talk about the hackdays on social media, on your blogs and shout it out to your networks. We want to sell out the event and get lots of diverse people teaming up! Mention the official home page and the hashtag #makeopendata

  • We will kick off the Energy Hackdays on Friday morning with input-keynotes to motivate the participants to work with open energy data. Leave a comment if you’d like to present (a dataset or an idea)!

I’ve been working on energy apps since my first hackathon and am really looking forward to the fantastic locations (I’ll be in Mont-Croisin), critical theme (for inspiration check out the German and Finnish Open Knowledge energy hackathons), and the chance to do some energetic data dives :zap:

Update: We had a small meet-up in Bern to brainstorm ideas and show and share projects, kindly hosted by Zebbra AG. A (longread : ) write up about the meetup and some background about open energy data has been posted to

Project results of the hackdays - visit for all the links and more background:

  • Atum - web application for energy production forecasts for photovoltaics
  • Swiss Energy Dashboard - dashboard to explore national energy monitoring projects visually
  • Energiestrategie 2050 verstehen - Entdecke eine Schweiz mit 100% erneuerbaren Energien
  • Hot or not for solar - Energy customer profiling made easy
  • Klumpenrisiko - a visualization of power company ownership
  • Lófos - for more freedom of personal e-mobility through open data
  • open-power-system-timeseries - aggregation of electricity
  • Swiss Energy Balance - visualisation of energy consumption and production per canton

Some event coverage: