Open data portals in Switzerland

After a presentation at, where we discussed the CKAN project in some depth - the question came up of where to find a list of all the open data portals (CKAN-powered or not) in the country. Many can be found at,, and But, none of them seem to contain every portal in this country, so I am starting a simple shortlist here. Let me know which ones I miss!




PS. A nice & hacky way to look for CKAN sites is described at

PPS. What would also be useful is list of open SPARQL end-points, e.g.

PPPS. if interested in a global perspective (ie. do portals make a difference?), you may wish to read:

Pls. note that the portals collected here are rather related to Open Government Data. Open Data is a broader term which includes also e.g. crowdsourced public open data, like Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons or OpenStreetMap.

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