Open Data Advent 2023

A reason to celebrate: the OGD Masterplan 2024-2027 has been adopted! It defines 5 guidelines for Open Government Data in :switzerland:: availability, quality of (metadata), infrastructure, synergies between areas and exchange between providers and users of OGD.

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How about a trip to the south as a gift idea for you and your loved ones? This data set on daily sunshine duration at the Basel/Binnigen measuring station might convince you.

Photo: :point_left: explore the whole network of measuring stations and find lots more charts here.

Historical photos from swisstopo as a free gift idea :christmas_tree:

:mag_right: Select your favourite photo :arrow_down: Click Download :printer: Print it out :framed_picture: Frame it … :gift: … and the perfect Christmas present is ready!

A couple of people have told me this is their favorite advent’s window yet!

This image (CC0 license) was made using Inkscape, GIMP and Stable Diffusion, using public domain photography of the Swiss Federal Palace.

Money and Politics is a collaboration between WAV Recherchekollektiv, Lobbywatch, and The project is supported by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland, the Gottlieb and Hans Vogt Foundation and the Oertli Foundation.

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Unfortunately, not all places are accessible for around 20% of people in Switzerland. People with disabilities need reliable and standardised information so that they can plan their trip independently. We would like to contribute to this by providing you with the following data sets and links:

Is barrier-free travel also a topic close to your heart? Or do you have any other creative ideas for using these data sets? See ideas being bounced around, and join the discussion:

Check out all the projects or download data of last week’s event:

Screenshot of Open Data Hack St.Gallen

Just in time for the Advent season, Open Data Kanton Thurgau has another office that is publishing OGD for the first time :tada: Explore the new datasets of the Sports Office of the Canton of Thurgau now!

:technologist: Tip via Felix Lorenz: With starter codes you can now easily use the #OGD of the Canton of Thurgau. R and Python notebooks and R Markdown files that you can use to get started right away can be found here:

The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference #COP28 ends today. For Switzerland, the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology :point_right: MeteoSwiss provides climate baselines and will make its data available as Open Data by 2026. Take a look at which data MeteoSwiss is preparing as OGD and share your questions and needs with the :point_right:Implementation team.

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A hard & honest look in the mirror is the foundation of a sustainable, future-oriented society. Today, as it is decided who stands at the top of the political pyramid in Switzerland, we would like to highlight the work of researchers and journalists, businesses and non-profits working to close the gender data gap.

In other news …

As we all know, the areas of application for open data are endless. Our colleagues at the Zurich Statistical Office have already made a habit of creating creative & opendataful Christmas greetings every year. This year again! (in German)

2023 was an eventful year for, with 16 new organisations, over 10,000 datasets published, the new OGD Masterplan, 2nd version of the DCAT-AP CH and numerous events and much more - it continues in 2024!

We made the quick visualization to show the cumulative publication counts of the different political levels over time. For details and sources visit the repository:

In other news, the Swiss Federal Council just opened a consultation on the new Federal Statistics Ordinance:

15.12.2023 - At its meeting on 15 December 2023, the Federal Council opened the consultation on the new Ordinance on Federal Statistics. This regulates the activities of all federal statistics producers, in particular the conduct of surveys and interviews, the processing and use of data for statistical purposes and the various services in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

We are exporting the data of our community events to an open data package. Today we are updating it with fresh data from 2023 events. In the GitHub Issues page we are looking for your suggestions for improving this dataset and putting it to use. Some ideas are from an initial meeting with hackathon organizers at Hack:Org:X v.1.

Soon we will be enjoying several days off, plan them carefully with data on POIS (Points of Interest). Whether you want to relax, sightsee or shop, you’ll find the data here: Besides open datasets, you can find ongoing analytics projects and insights on the portal.

To ensure that passenger information in public transport works smoothly in such cases, the SIRI-SX / VDV736 interface ensures that passengers are informed promptly and comprehensively. What other application ideas do you have?

Check out the open API:
And find an example of how to use the service here:

Christmas and the year 2024 are approaching. Time for an outlook on electricity prices in the new year. :zap::money_with_wings: Based on the data from ElCom in LINDAS, @ogd_BL has published a dashboard for the canton of Basel-Landschaft.

This tempts another look at the Energy Hackdays 2023 challenges:

The end of the year coincides for many with increased stress and anxiety :brain::hotsprings: All the more reason to be extra kind and forgiving to ourselves & one another as we prepare the seasonal festivities :gift_heart::evergreen_tree: Check in with a short survey on mental health, and get links to data sources and ideas for prototypes and research projects.

Learn more about the history of Christmas trees, get data & maps, find out how they are recycled, and what you should do with yours after the holidays in today’s Open Data Advent’s Calendar #ODAdvent featuring the City of Zürich.


Lots of data, but no experience with data analysis - no problem! :globe_with_meridians::sparkles: The starter codes from @ogd_tg make getting started with data analysis child’s play. :bar_chart::computer: Immerse yourself in the world of Thurgau Open Government Data now! :rocket::mag:

At the beginning of December, we featured new datasets from Thurgau - perfect for trying out with the starter! As a bonus, use this Demo link to run the notebooks in Jupyter Lite (Pyodide).

Screenshot of Pyodide

Will your wishes come true? :dizzy: Not from Father Christmas, but from the politicians in the Grand Council of the Canton of Basel-Stadt! :scroll: Take a look at the data here

What’s behind the last door? Go on. Take a look! :santa:

Happy holidays from Wienacht-Tobel!:christmas_tree:

With swissNAMES3D, you not only get precise information about our geographical environment for free, but also a virtual flight over the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland! Ready for takeoff :airplane:

Let’s set aside for a minute the question of how CO²-neutral is the GeoAdmin infrastructure, or what steps might be taken to make Open Government Data a part of the green energy transition. Let us take a moment to enjoy these wintry vistas with friends and family, and do more than just hope for snow this winter.

Share your favorite spots, or feedback on any of the other topics we uncovered this month! Join us through #ODAdvent on Mastodon, LinkedIn and X. And have a very happy, relaxing, and inspiring break.

:snowflake: Schöne Festtage

:evergreen_tree: Bonnes fêtes :snowflake:

:snowflake: Buone feste :christmas_tree:

Legrevlas feastas! :snowflake: