Open Consultation Procedures

With entertaining, self-effacing, and super enthuastic style Fabian Ligibel introduces us to his project to make the Swiss consultation process - a sort of sanity check for legal changes to public policy - go from paper trail to Born Digital. Today the process is old fashioned, mysterious, easy to miss - is it a bug, or a feature? We say: it is definitely :bug: and reflects both questionable politics, and an old and inefficient backend process. With the new and Prototype-Funded open source platform Demokratis we have a strong proposal to engage the public and organisations in better ways.

Photo by @twuersch CC-BY 4.0


For the FSF’s GPL v3 consultation process, we built a tool to collect comments on drafts has a neat heatmap-based approach that made it easy to see relative interest in specific areas of the text. The code is open somewhere. See an example at GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE

Also, there are studies on the process that may be useful, eg.


Also, I suspect that recent paper, “Spamming the regulator: exploring a new lobbying strategy in EU competition procedures” by Marlene Jugl, William A. M. Pagel, Maria Camilla Garcia Jimenez, Jean Pierre Salendres,Will Lowe, Helena Malikova, Joanna J. Bryson, may be interesting and relevant:


Thank you both! Very helpful :slight_smile:

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