Open Collections with Wikimedia CH

Sandra Becker, representing Wikimedia CH at our Forum, presented an overview of current challenges around museums publishing Open Collections, practical techniques of Mapping (using tools like Historpedia or Cassandra or TimelineJS), sharing Images and other content through the None-Commercial (NC) and Creative Commons (CC 4.0) licenses. In this informative presentation, we learned about last year’s ICOM definition of Museum, the subject of the previous Wiki Loves Living Heritage and other community activities. We also engaged in some brief co-creation, collecting some ideas which could well be developed in future Wikimedia/Opendata projects like our GLAMhack event next September:

  • Patterns (C)
  • Give back looted items
  • A.I. Generated images
  • NFT for Arts
  • Interoperability museum-museum
  • Use SUCHO for reconstruction
  • My family on Histropedia
  • Oral history map

Slides available: ODP or PDF