News for 2024 at Open Knowledge

At the turn of the year, there have been some very interesting announcements from the Open Knowledge Foundation that I would also like to share here:

A few weeks ago an update of the Frictionless specifications was started at OKFN. We will be working on this in the coming months, in collaboration with a community members working group. The aim is to release the v2 of the Frictionless specs by June 2024. Read more about roadmap, goals, decision-making process, etc., on the blog: Frictionless specs update.

Join the conversation on the OKFN forum and other channels!

Congratulations to the team for the new funding, and very exciting work on the Open Data Editor, that I’ve already tested extensively with students and a lot of thoughts about.

As a bonus, here are some additional announcements that are very much indicative of a ramping up of activities in the network that will have global reach:

Please let us know if you have any questions, want to get involved, or help us connect people from around the Network to Switzerland again at upcoming Forums and Hackdays.