Monitoring open data portals

Today a new data portal is being launched in Thurgau: :tada: (Retweet) The datasets are all harvested on Kanton Thurgau | - nevertheless, a dedicated portal allows the canton to offer special features, such as more fine-grained filtering. Since I helped with the earlier data catalogue, which can still be found here, I thought we should celebrate this with a better list of all the portals - and started this quick gallery:

★ Add another portal!

I first considered to update, and we can still do this later - in any case we should aim to keep our data compatible with their schema. There is also an interesting Airtable of „data institutions“ at the ODI.

Other lists of portals that I am aware of include:

How is this useful? In addition to keeping an eye and providing feedback to government projects, we could use this to keep track of vital statistics on each portal, as a lightweight community monitoring. Please use this form to help get all the known portals in the local universe on this list, or message me for direct access to the table.