Masterthesis: Buildings Energy Modelling

Hello everyone,

In my master’s thesis, I model all buildings’ energy demand in Switzerland. To collect data on individual energy consumption, I would be thrilled if you take part in the survey.

And spread the survey link or the LinkedIn post.

Thank you very much and all the best,

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Hi Andy,

First of all, congrats on the new job, and hope to hear some inspiring stories of data modelling in „the real world“ from you soon.

Just wanted to circle back here, find out if you got enough input on your survey, if this community and Open Energy Working Group has been conducive to your effort, and if we can expect any results to be published!

Best wishes in return,

Hi Oleg,

I guess you already got an update per e-mail. In short: I didn’t collect enough data with the survey, but I got enough data from my data partners. Thanks to you and your community, anyway.

My master thesis is available here: GitHub - andygubser/buildings-energy-modelling-docs


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Looking fwd to see you again soon!