Let's reboot the online forum!

With a brief announcement, I set up this Discourse server in 2015. It’s a really great platform - look at how it is used by OKFN, Mozilla, or Penpot. Maybe it’s not fediverse, maybe it’s not enterprise - but it plugs easily into dribdat, and certainly deserves the attention of our community.

One clear issue is that it is currently mostly in English - this is why I recently tested translation services (turned off at the moment because of cost)

The main problem is that it’s not really being used by the team, who just post to various social media channels. If we at least aggregated this content to Discourse instead of to Slack, that would already be a nice place to openly discuss the various topics and create a knowledge base that searches across the various domains. See also this recent idea in this direction:

We should use it for our Annual Forum again. We could also see how we could be of service here to people in the administration - some of who also (tried to) run (private) Discourse forums. We could run a content development project like GLAM Tutorials here.

I don’t really have a plan for this site, but would be happy to see some feedback on whether or not that Discourse is interesting to you in our „platform portfolio“, and if you think at least you would like to help in the hosting costs or what problems could the right plugin or integration solve for us. Thanks in advance! :bird:

PS. some data for you:

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