Job: Co-founder of Aletsdat

Aletsdat (alĕtsdä′t) is a legal entity (GmbH) I am starting that is anchored in sustainable values (coop-governed), to support the proactive dissemination of prototypes, code and data that leverages design-by-community. I am looking for one or more co-founders passionate about open knowledge in its many forms - from freely usable hardware and software, to the legal and cultural shifts that drive - and sometimes threaten - a free digital society.

The idea is to build on my decade of freelance work, rebooted as a fully employee-owned (nonhierarchical) data ⓦwrangling and ⓦstewarding outfit. A key mission of Aletsdat will be to build digital experiences to support data culture and cooperative services, run great hackathons with tools like dribdat and proxeus, apply open data principles to exciting projects, develop a mastery for frameworks like CKAN and Frictionless Data, and take on meaningful challenges in tackling climate change and social justice. Read more …

Isochrone map: OpenRouteService

I am currently based in Köniz in central Switzerland: 2 hours away from a number of population centers, and minutes away from a wonderfully peaceful forest valley. We can collaborate easily across many time zones if you have a knack for the job, and are open to remote work.

:coffee: Does that sound like a meaningful venture for you? Post here, write me a note, or stop by the coworking space if you would like to get involved.

:waffle: Do you have work for us? As people come on board, we will surely be quite happy to take on projects from the community. Stay tuned for a proper website and transparent pricing.


Congratulations @oleg for the start of Aletsdat :partying_face:

I’ll keep an eye for potential project and send them in your direction.

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