Hack the HACKnight ~HACKnight

There is an open source project repository where we can propose and discuss ideas to improve the HACKnight itself. You are also welcome to post your project ideas and challenge statements here. Please submit them via GitHub or in the community forum thread below.

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Make yourself a GitHub or Discourse account and share some ideas about what would make hack events fun and relevant for you - either specifically in terms of the DINAcon HACKnight, or hackathons in general. Refer to your favorite events, communities, inspirations.

Whether you've been to past HACKnights or not, look through the materials from last year's events, postings on blogs and social media, and ascertain the impact so far. Brainstorm how to collect evidence of hackathon impact on an ongoing basis. Put your own event on the calendar, and motivate the people at DINAcon and in your online networks to join it.

Hack on the community infrastructures like this platform (see links to source code in the footer) to improve the tools and processes we have in place and benefit future community events.

Dies ist ein Begleitthema zum urspr√ľnglichen Beitrag unter https://hacknight.dinacon.ch/project/25.html