Football match results

Via social media, there was a conversation last week about open data from football matches …

A topic that we’ve been following for some time indeed …

What’s implied here are the 2014 hackdays, when we looked into the possibility of working with sports federations. At the time, it was not that realistic, but now might be a different story? These days, even football clubs are getting in the game, promising access to match data, as in the case of the Young Boys Hackathon:

Out on the 'net there are tons of places to get sports scores, obviously some of them very expensive, others (semi?)legitimate efforts to track statistics, like this spreadsheet for Switzerland that can be downloaded from Sports Data

It’s interesting to follow standardization efforts like SDQL and see who is implementing them. On the open data side, there’s not much at all to be found on, but (which we used for the 2014 event) now features a collection of Football datasets.

For more inspiration, I’d suggest reading up on the work of the Open Data Institute in the U.K., who released a report on Prototyping with Open Sports Data last year. And of course, add to this thread if you have any other resources, or start a new one for your favorite league. We already have someone asking about that other Swiss obsession :tennis: