DINAcon OpenCollective ~HACKnight

Sustainability is also about having the financial freedom to work on things that matter. At this year's DINAcon various funding models have been discussed of interest to individual developers all the way to large OSS organizations.

We have learned about OpenCollective today, created an organization account and pledged to use the HACKnight budget towards learning the platform and making contributions to our favorite open source projects.

As a first step, go to opencollective.com and explore the platform. It's pretty intuitive, but there are some good documentations to get you started. See how contributions are tracked and visualized to create transparency into the development process.

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Create an account, and see how you can support your favorite projects. Apply to join the new DINAcon Organization and help us incorporate crowdfunding into our digital sustainability events. If you are here at the HACKnight, ask us for a Gift Voucher.

Add your own organization or project to OpenCollective and let us know about it so we can add it to a short list (see also our Who's-who of Swiss GitHub challenge) of some kind in the future. Compare this platform to the OSS Directory and let's think about some potential improvements and bridges that we could propose to the //CH/Open association.

Learn about the open source platform behind the website itself, build something with the open API, contribute to the open issues.

Dies ist ein Begleitthema zum urspr√ľnglichen Beitrag unter https://hacknight.dinacon.ch/project/31

For some prior thoughts on this topic, see: