Design a game with real public health data

A presentation I saw yesterday at the Symposium covered on my blog reminded me about the interface between game design and health data.

Game design is an awesome way to have conversations of a personal nature in a safe setting, to reconsider our own preconceptions in playful simulation. In preparation for the hackathon earlier this year, we collaborated on publishing a Data Package to track the Swiss indie game scene:

Since this dataset involved the Swiss Arts Council, it was even published on, and used to create a Showcase app at the hackathon.

This and the recent launch of a Bern meetup I assisted to Meet. Make. Game! has me thinking on these creative perspectives.

Which brings me back to the point: what would be good open datasets to start with for gamefying our experience of personal health? Are there any apps or games you are already using which are creating health-related data that you might want to reuse? How do you plan on using data to keep on top of healthy habits in 2018?