Data Expedition in Bern May 5-6, 2016

We are going to run a Data Expedition this week during the Thursday (a holiday) and Friday at Warmbächli, 15 minutes from the Bern train station. We start at 10 AM and go until about 5 PM.

An article in Der Bund outlines plans for the area where we meet - a new development on the old refuse processing plant of Bern. See also a more recent article in the BernerZeitung by Martina Kammermann which talks about some of the sport, cultural and urban gardening activities done by locals while the future of this project hangs in the air.

The expedition will be led by our new members Florian and Martina. Topics that have been proposed so far include urban development, culture funding and Aare data. You are welcome to bring your own suggestions into the mix. We would like to make some reference to the projects and data about our neighbourhood, while maintaining a wide-angle lens on how our experience can translate on a more global level.

Please bring a laptop, pad of paper, pen, and any data sources/references/books/articles/stories you’d like to use or inspire us from. And make sure to leave a note here if you haven’t already let us know that you’re coming.

If you’re not sure what this is about, check out the Data Expedition page at the School of Data.

We started yesterday with a dive into the Data Expedition format, writing out our character sheets, discussing the proposed topics and diving into urban data (food, rents, demographics) about the immediate neighbourhood where we are based - called Holligen, it is the largest area pictured on the map above created with

Feel free to join the expedition’s second day this morning from 10, which we plan to keep going until mid-afternoon!

A blog post about our Data Expedition: