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Lately and in concert with several of you, I have been getting my feet wet in the world of bots. A bunch of them installed on Slack are helping us plan meetings and keep track of progress. So in line with this, we now have Paperbot creating a digest of the links. Join our Slack to subscribe!

Happenings from our public calendar

Opinions worthy of discourse

The first global computer network emerged thanks to capitalists behaving like cooperative socialists, not socialists behaving like competitive capitalists.
How the Soviets invented the internet and why it didn’t work – Benjamin Peters | Aeon Essays

Hack the kernel! Learn operating systems online. Watch videos, complete assignments, and compete with other students.
Learn Operating Systems Online

Slumscapes: How the world’s five biggest slums are shaping their futures 900 million people live in slums - the U.N. says it’s time we understood them.

The greatest threat to future progress is that people, led by unjustified fears, might curtail the freedom and the openness that progress depends on
The World Is Getting Better and Nobody Knows It | Johan Norberg

Wo unsere Kinder lernen - Gebäudescan der Berliner Schulen (an open data project about schools in Berlin)

Tracking seasonal change in a virtual forest

Learnings to ponder and share

If you’re data illiterate, there’s a good chance that your designs—based on the data you don’t understand—will be rubbish.
A List Apart - Why We Should All Be Data Literate

Using Haskell, R, Python, SQLite, and Elasticsearch, we data mine Hacker News front page stories and their back page counterparts for patterns.
Data Mining Hacker News: Front vs Back by David Lettier

These Five Platforms Will Make Your Bots Language-Intelligent (thanks @max)