Climate scenarios for future (MeteoSwiss)

The data are available for the periods 2020-2049 and 2045-2074 for a number of greenhouse gas emission scenarios. Supplementing the climate data from SIA 2028, they provide an important basis for generating building simulations and were financed and compiled in joint projects by MeteoSwiss, the Building Department of the Canton of Zurich, FOEN, SIA, and HSLU.

Released in 2018, not mentioning this dataset on our forum is an omission that I would like to rectify today - no day like today to ‘Stop kicking the can’, as they say :fire: :earth_africa:

According to an ETHzürich review, the model boils down to “four main changes that will shape the climate in Switzerland in the mid-​century without increased global climate mitigation”: 1. :desert: Dry summers; 2. :hot_face: More hot days; 3. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Heavy precipitation; 4. :rock: Snow-​scarce winters.

The charts like the above can be easily generated on the NCCS CH2018-Webatlas.

There is a readable backgrounder on the context of the model at the MeteoSwiss website:

What’s next? Learn about the work that started this year on a new climate scenario model:

Spread the word, get involved, and get help from the open data community around the world!

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