Civic Tech Projects in Switzerland and worldwide

At we have been supporting platforms at the intersection of public-private interests that encourage participation (usually through the efforts of developers who work with open data), such as and for a number of years. Community interest in this has been highlighted by this thread on the weekend:

Our Prototype Fund team recently started an effort to crowdsource a list of Civic Tech Projects in Switzerland and worldwide, in order to „draw attention to and link the initiatives“. This is currently in the form of a spreadsheet hosted here.

How could we potentially better visualize such a landscape?

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Linked to this topic, earlier in 2020 we supported the publication of a Civic Tech Report from the Federal Government. You can find it in German, French and in English at the Federal Chancellery website.

It was announced earlier at the conference of the DSJ (youth parliaments association), and is already the focus of some discussion (#civictechCH) on social media.