CH Data Management Index

We put together an interactive questionnaire, primarily based on M7 Arbeitshilfe für Behörden für die Publikation von Daten als OGD, designed for community use and ready to be expanded with additional materials and evaluation workflows.

The idea is that, from the civil society perspective, we would like to use something like this to monitor and encourage better Data Management - starting with our experience on Open Government Data standards and platforms as a baseline. It could also be a useful educational tool, leading to deeper assessment and regular evaluation of institutional policies. For a similar past project from our international network, see

For instance, we have added a question about inclusion and accessibility, related to community outreach and preliminary evaluation of datasets, such as is regularly done at hackathons.

After identification and answering 9 simple questions, we generate a PDF with a total score. This optionally generates a secure document, and we can activate additional workflows in the future using the Proxeus framework.

You can download a sample result, or try the demo to make your own evaluation here:

This is a prototype created at the course in Data Management & Open Government Data at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). Thanks to the faculty & participants (in particular the Aufbau Data Management und Data Governance groups) for their questions and inspiring inputs!

Source workflow: proxeus

Full sources: Nextcloud share