[7.12] 7at7 - What about hackathons?

A discussion with @gnz and friends taking place on December 7th 2020 at 7pm.

Everyone organizes hackathons these days. There are hundreds of them taking place every year across the country. Who needs another one? But not all hackathons are created equal. Some events have prizes, others don’t; some are competitive, others are collaborative; some are corporate, others are community events; and the list of differences goes on and on, making some radically different experiences. … In December 7at7 we will explore three aspects of [hackathons]:

  • Up and downsides of the online format for hardware hacking
  • A brief overview of the outcomes of the event.
  • A peek into some of the potential projects that might spin out of MakeZurich.

For more details, visit 7at7 - Dezember 2020