[6-7.03] Energy Data Hackdays

Continuing from the 2018 and 2016 hackdays with the same topic, we are shaping the future of energy again at an event this March. Registrations open!

The 13 solutions developed last year prove that open Hackdays can make a valuable contribution to energy efficiency and to our understanding of energy. Let’s build on these results and use energy data to create a sustainable energy future. Welcome are all kinds of skills and perspectives: students, data analysts, designers, programmers, experts and many more!

The international Open Data Day celebrations this year coincide with day two of our Hackdays, so look out for some border-busting content in our program! There are grants available for anyone wishing to organise another meetup - see details in the announcement.

As the Coronavirus epidemic spreads around the world, we are putting on our full-on virtual mode for the #energyhack2020 event tomorrow. We already received permission from the health authorities, but increasing concerns and cancellations have us shifting into Plan B.

If you have any suggestions of how you plan to make the most of the occasion while staying at home or in the office, please let me know!

We have had to ask all participants to stay at home but the organising team is still healthy and live streaming - join us on Twitter at #energyhack2020 and on Slack (instructions in registration mail or via DM) to connect with us and other participants for a virtual hackathon!