[5.5] May Data Expedition

When: TBD
Where: Bern, Switzerland
Level: Beginner data user
Lang: Deutsch / Français / English
Cost: Pay-it-forward
Bring: A laptop or tablet. Lunch provided.
How: Register here!

Update: we are moving the workshop due to an insufficient number of pre-registrations, possibly the timing was suboptimal. Now looking for a future date, and rethinking our approach to promoting events. Please feel free nevertheless to join us for lunch on May 5 - or just tell us here what your idea and needs are in data literacy, and help us put together a compelling program of workshops in Bern. If you would like to make a suggestion, leave a note here or :incoming_envelope: send mail.

Our next full-day event in Bern is about DISCOVERY, ANALYSIS & PERSUASION. We will introduce the principles by which the School of Data has helped thousands of people around the world to become data literate: to go beyond making decisions from :chart: charts and :information_source: factoids, to discover and :smile: delight in worlds of information as we :aerial_tramway: go beyond surface level.

Hurry, there is limited room on a first-come first-served basis! If you sign up to our forum you can also subscribe here to be notified of upcoming Expeditions and other Events.