[5.3] Open Data Vorlesung @ UniBe

Big thanks again to Dr. Matthias Stürmer and team for the kind introduction, and the privilege of supporting this course. Today’s topic was the federal Open Government Data Strategy and the role of the Impact Monitoring Framework and other instruments that are being used to evaluate the results on an ongoing basis.

I talked about how the vision of the Open Knowledge network and strategy of the Swiss chapter complements these topics, explaining some of the ways that we try to achieve and measure impact through our community and their platforms. Towards the end I gave a teaser on the topic of crowdfunding discussed in this forum, and our upcoming events.

Slide-notes | Recording (auf Deutsch)

Congratulations also to Matthias for the same day announcement of a new job role at the Institute for Public Sector Transformation of the Bern University of Applied Sciences :weight_lifting_man:

The Open Data event at the University of Bern took place for the 7th time in 2021: the lectures & guest talks give an overview of Open Data and Open Government topics. The presentations & recordings are openly available on Studium: Open Data Veranstaltung 2021 - Forschungsstelle Digitale Nachhaltigkeit