[31.8-1.9] Energy & Climate Hack

The Energy & Climate Hack will take place in Berne on August 31st and September 1st 2021, as a parallel event to the Decarbonizing Cities Conference. This hackathon throws a bridge between common issues and needs across borders and will bring together students from the United Kingdom and Switzerland as well as experts, hackers and people aspiring to make a difference. The multidisciplinary teams will look at smarter urban living through the lenses of energy efficiency and research for better decision making.

This event is organised in collaboration with Swisspower and the British Embassy in Berne. It is open and free of charge, like all our other hackdays. Please register until August 17, 2021 and take part to help shape the cities of the future! Find out more on http://www.energyclimatehack.ch/

Where: Berne, Switzerland
When: 31 August - 1 September 2021

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It is one thing if people pretend to support the Green Movement—particularly if it is cool to do this—but it is quite another thing to make personal sacrifices as the voters were asked to do so in Switzerland. As an effect, people rejected climate-protection laws—all three: CO2, pesticides, and drinking water—in a referendum with 51-49.
If the Alpine nation cuts emissions to zero—assuming everywhere in Europe stayed the same—it would not make much of a dent globally. Therefore, it should be a common movement to understand what behind this rejection decision. Particularly interesting about that strong opposition is where it came from—who narrowly reject the government’s plans for a car fuel levy and a tax on air tickets? I don’t mean to know who those people are, but I want to learn more important variables that could help further analysis — e.g. age. Is there a shred of evidence about the age split of the voters?