[31.5] Open Data Student Award

Inspired by student projects of recent years, we are jumping at the suggestion of Professor Stefan Keller to boost quality work with extra recognition at the Opendata.ch/2018 conference this summer.

Awards will be presented to student projects that use Open Data and/or Open Government Data with reference to Switzerland in an exemplary manner. They will use data visualization and open standards (file formats, web services) where appropriate. Ideally they will be an example of Open Science, i.e. include source code, and be fully reproducible including raw data and program scripts.

All students and alumni of a Swiss university are eligible to participate, as long as the submitted work is written in German, French or English. The jury consists of representatives of Opendata.ch, CH-Open and the Computer Science programme of the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil.

The submission must be submitted in full and on time by mail to Professor Stefan Keller by 31 May 2018. See full details and format requirements at https://opendata.ch/2018/02/open-data-student-award/