[31.3-1.4] Hack4SocialGood 2023

On March 31 and April 1, Hack4SocialGood in Bern, Switzerland, brings together people from the tech and social sectors for a two-day event to help social organisations find solutions to digitalisation concerns. Everyone can get involved in the event, regardless of their background.

Note that while the event organizers are primarily communicating in German, the challenges will be readable in French / English / Italian, and there will be people on site who can help you participate no matter your language or technical abilities. Check out the factsheets for more details:

The topic started building momentum at the 2020 virtual hackdays:

And has been the focus of some of our most interesting developments in the area of hackathon fairness and teambuilding platforms:

This would be a great chance to meet the team, contribute time to important social projects with renowned institutions, and come away with a unique networking opportunity and solid recognition!

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