[3-4.9] Open Farming Hackdays

The second edition of the Open Farming Hackdays is an event where we will get together as a community to support the new Working Group of Opendata.ch that focuses on putting Swiss agriculture data to use in interdisciplinary teams. You can register on our website, check out the YouTube trailer and propose data sources :rocket:

Where: Liebegg Agricultural Centre, Gränichen AG
When: 3-4 September 2021
URL: https://opendata.ch/projects/open-farming-hackdays-2021/

A look back at last year’s event:

The results are up from the weekend event!

Visit the dribdat event to get pitches, slides and demos:

You can find the opening ceremony and final presentations on YouTube, courtesy of Livestream - Open Farming Hackdays

Here are some impressions from social media:

And last but not least, some event analytics to geek out on!


:heart_decoration: Kind thanks to Landwirtschaftliches Zentrum Liebegg, Aargauische Kantonalbank, and, of course, all our amazing participants for making the #FarmingHackdays2021 amazing again!